Here's Your Rain Boot Based On Your Love Language

Here's Your Rain Boot Based On Your Love Language


Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s find your Merry People match… based on your love language!

If you’re new to love languages, here’s the low-down. The five love languages is a concept created by counselor and pastor Gary Chapman, and it can help you figure out what makes you feel the most loved. You take a short quiz and get a ranking of your love languages, based on these five options:
  • Words of affirmation: for the one who loves that verbal communication. The more specific, the better!
  • Acts of service: for the one who loves to feel loved with actions!
  • Gifts: the more (and the more meaningful) the merrier!
  • Quality time: for the one who loves undivided attention from the one you love.
  • Physical touch: hugs, kisses, hand holding and cuddles - this is the love language for the physically affectionate!

Quick side-note! If you haven’t taken the five love languages quiz, take a couple of minutes and find out your love language before we get into the goods.
So without further a-shoe (hehe), here’s what your love language says about you… rain boot style!



If you are all about words of affirmation: We’ve chosen the Mustard & Black Bobbi Rain Boot for you! You know that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from meaningful words from a loved one? That’s what this happy color is all about! Words of affirmation give you a bright and bubbly spring in your step, one that just gets more merry when you slip on your sunshine yellow Mustard & Black Bobbi Rain Boots!

beetroot boots in the field


Love a warm hug? If you are a physical touch kind of person, we’ve picked out the Lavender Bobbi Rain Boot for you, with a bonus style - the Billie Clog in Chilli Red! We were inspired by the phrase ‘being in a lavender haze’, that came about in the 1950s. The ‘lavender haze’ relates to that feeling of being deeply in love with someone. We’re loving the look of lavender to express that feeling for when all you want to do is be close to the person you love. And if you’re wanting to go for a color more on the spicy side? You know where to find the Chilli Red Billies!

balancing in the jungle with chocolate boots


Is getting gifts more your vibe? Because you love receiving gifts, we decided we couldn’t stick with just one option. The more the merrier, after all! So, we’ve picked out top two timeless and funky favorites that would speak to even the most particular present-lover. For the tried and true option the Beetroot & Light Pink Bobbi Rain Boot is a stand out! Or maybe you’re the perfect match for our newest favorite, the deliciously sweet Chocolate & Black Bobbi Rain Boot.

mother and daughter wearing magenta boots


All for the quality time! If you’d rather spend your days chatting and hanging out with your besties, then the Magenta & Navy Bobbi Rain Boot is your merry match! Magenta is the color exactly between red and blue on the color wheel, so it’s like those two colors are spending quality time together. Who’s the red to your blue?

oxford blue boots on a log


Looking for someone to get the job done? If acts of service are how you feel most loved, then this Oxford Blue Bobbi Rain Boot is a merry match for the person helping you with whatever job needs doing! We chose these because they are perfectly versatile and completely comfy, so paired with Oxford Blue Bobbis, your loved one’s actions will definitely speak louder than words.

Not sure what your love language is? Take a couple of minutes and find out your love language here.

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