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Our Story

Merry People Founder Danielle HollowayMerry People started as an idea, born out of a practical frustration, in 2013.  At the time, I was working in a corporate job in Melbourne, Australia (notorious for its unreliable weather) and looking for a comfortable, quality, everyday pair of boots I could wear on my commutes that would also be suitable to walk into my corporate office.  

Growing up on a farm in South Gippsland, Victoria, I was familiar with the practical necessity of rain boots, but found many of them lacking in fashion. I wanted to feel  on-trend and stay dry! I couldn’t find anything that fit my needs , so (with a bit of technical help from a friend) I designed my own pair. Merry People grew quickly from there, and the next thing I knew, I was writing up a business plan and booking flights to China to meet potential suppliers! 

During this time, I was also becoming disillusioned with corporate life. I had been there for 10 years and doing things because they made sense – not because they made me happy or I was emotionally drawn to them.  I longed to feel meaning and passion about what I was doing.

Fashion and being creative was something that I always loved – I remember as a kid making kites and drawing different patterns on them and trying them to sell them to guests that came to the farm.  Merry People became about tapping back into that youthful sense of exploration, expression, and creativity.  

In 2016, I decided to go all in and start working on Merry People full-time. Today I employ 4 staff,  we work out of an office in Collingwood, (a creative hub of Melbourne.) and work with two commercial warehouses, one in Melbourne and one in LA, who ship our boots to our customers and retail outlets!    

Like my journey, Merry People represents finding the things that make you feel happy and alive. Putting your rain boots on, finding your adventure, embracing the unknown, and just going for it!!

Xx Dani Holloway, Founder & CEO