How to Style Cute Ankle Rain Boots For Fall

How to Style Cute Ankle Rain Boots For Fall

If you’re saving your rain boots for (only) rainy days, this merry PSA is for you!

You’ll be glad to know that rain boots can be about more than functionality and utility. Here at Merry People, we’ve created functional rain boots - equipped with natural rubber soles and neoprene lining - but with a fashionable twist that makes them perfect for more than just rainy days. With our Bobbi and Tully ankle rain boots, you can combine durability and comfort with style and personality.

All of our fashion-meets-function rain boots are made from vegan materials and crafted with high-quality natural rubber, so that these boots can be your companions on adventures for years to come. With classic styles and a huge variety of colors, you have endless options for mixing and matching your Merry People boots with whatever wardrobe you have!

Three Best Fall Looks With Our Ankle Rain Boots

Golden leaves falling from trees, cozy scarves, and pumpkin-themed treats mean that fall is here… and so are all of your favorite fall activities! Whether you’re catching the best photos at golden hour or splashing through muddy pumpkin patches for your perfect jack-o-lantern, you can wear your Merry People rain boots with all of your favorite outfits.

Here are our favorite ways to style your Merry People boots this fall:

The Sweater ‘n’ Shorts Style

The fall season has the exciting twists and turns of transitioning weather. With drizzly and chilly mornings moving into warmer, sunny afternoons, you’ll want to leap into layers that can added and subtracted depending on the temperature. If the weather in your area hasn’t quite decided if it wants to be fall or summer yet, Bobbi Boots are the perfect boot that can take you from dry to wet with ease.

The Sweater ‘n’ Shorts Style
This outfit is perfect for everyday errands! Opt for a cozy sweater that is simple and fits the fall color palette. Pick a pair of shorts that are comfortable and can be dressed up or down, and you have the perfect layered look for when the weather can’t decide what it wants to do!

Our Bobbi Boot collection comes in more than twelve eye-catching colors and versatile neutrals. Stick with the classic black Bobbi boot to pair with any of your favorite fall jackets and coats, or embrace a pop of color with our Mustard Yellow, Lavender or Oxford boots!

The Elevated Everyday Work Ensemble

If your workplace embraces business-casual, our Tully platform ankle boots can provide the splash of style you need while keeping your feet dry and comfortable all fall and winter long. These fashionable ankle rain boots are designed to be playful and urban, with a fashion-forward platform that gives a nod to 1990s nostalgia.

The Elevated Everyday Work Ensemble
We love the ankle-height Black and Gray Tully Boot for an everyday work look. The Tully Boot adds a bit of edge to your outfit, and complements a pants and blazer combo perfectly.

And if your workplace leans more creative-casual? The Tully Boot elevates your favorite loose-fitted midi dresses and pinafores with statement jewelry, as well!

‘Dress’ Up Colorful and Cozy!

Rainy days can always do with a pop of color, which is why this combo is our fall favourite! We’ve saved the best for last. Pair your Bobbi Boots with a colorful midi-dress, extra points if you find one with bright and bold patterns!

‘Dress’ Up Colorful and Cozy!
Pick out one main color of the dress, and then layer your outfit with complementary colors – a trench jacket, a colorful sweater, a beanie… you name it, you can layer it!

Add in some patterned socks for extra flair, or choose your favorite shade from our own Merry People socks. With moisture wicking and odor absorbing properties, these cozy socks will keep you warm in the in-between seasons, without feeling too hot or sweaty.

Boots for Every Style

At Merry People, we believe boots should look good, work even better, and on top of that, make you feel merry! By designing our boots to be both durable and fashionable, you have a style companion for all of life’s adventures. Check out our Bobbi Boots and Tully Boots today to find your perfect fit for your next fall outfit.

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