Merry Styling 101: How to Style Your Bobbis With Jeans

Merry Styling 101: How to Style Your Bobbis With Jeans


Welcome to the first instalment in our Merry Styling 101 series, where we're all about getting the most out of your Merry Boots outfit combos. Our first topic? How to style Bobbi Boots and everyone's favourite wardrobe staple; jeans!

Let's dive into with our tips for styling a truly dynamic duo; Bobbi Boots and jeans.

black boots on yellow shirt

slate grey and black jeans

Tip #1: Ankle-length Is Everything!

Get ready for a winning combo: Bobbi Boots and jeans that hit just above your ankles. These two are a match made in merry heaven. Whether you're in skinny jeans, cropped denim, or tapered bottoms, ankle-length jeans make those boots pop!

green boots on jeans (2)

green boots on jeans in the jungle

Tip #2: Bright & Vibrant With Bootcut Jeans:

For stand out style, try vibrant Bobbi Boots with slightly flared bootcut jeans. The lush and lively boots peeking out from the classic denim create a cool contrast. Featured here are the Grasshopper Green Bobbis, coming soon! Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when they land. 


Tip #3: Skinny Jeans? Roll 'Em Up!:

Skinny jeans can run a bit long and end up hiding your Bobbi Boots. To avoid this, roll up the cuffs or tuck them in a bit to let your boots shine. It's a quick move that adds flair to your look without sacrificing comfort.

beetroot portrait white jeans

autumn leafs and beetroot boots

Tip #4: Play With Colors:

Get creative with your outfits by playing with colors. Match your Bobbi Boots with black jeans for a sleek monochrome look, or go for a contrast with colorful boots and summery white jeans. Mixing colous like this adds a fun twist to your look.

Versatility For Any Style

Bobbi Boots are like style chameleons – they work with any outfit! Whether you're wearing black, white jeans or timeless blue denim, your Bobbis will fit right in. The key is their versatility, making them a go-to choice for your everyday denim outfits.

Before we wrap up, remember: we're here to answer your styling questions. Follow us on Instagram for more Merry Styling 101 tips and tricks! Happy styling!


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