Our Merry Weekend Away

Our Merry Weekend Away - Merry People US

Wow... we have had one busy Winter at Merry People!

So last week we thought it was about time to get out of town with our friends to do some exploring and have some fun.  

We packed our bags (and boots) and drove to a little town called Meeniyan, south-east of Victoria. Meeniyan is a ridiculously cute (and up and coming) town on the way to Wilson’s Prom - also around the corner from where our founder Dani grew up.

We’d rented a little farm house ‘Tessy’s Run’ for the weekend.  Arriving at the property was actually a funny story in itself!

Dani the country turned city gal that she is, (forgetting she was in a tiny hatchback not an off-road land cruiser) took a wrong turn and instead of using the driveway, drove straight up the paddocks,  (so luckily we didn’t get bogged) and thankfully stumbled upon a gate to actually one of the cutest little farm houses I had ever seen! Red roof, dark wooden timber, classic country shed out the back. We walked in dropped our bags and looked at each other with beaming smiles of excitement and anticipation for our stay!  

It was modelled on a traditional barn with high ceilings, exposed beams, a traditional style kitchen and bathroom with a deep bath, picturesque views from every window, and of course the quintessential log fire. (It was like we had just stepped onto the set of Charlotte’s Web).

We finally got the fire going, opened a bottle of red and caught up on everything that’s gone on this past year.

When our friends arrived in the morning, we spent the day wandering the green paddocks, patting the horses & sheep (when they didn’t run away from us), taking photos and drinking countless mugs of tea.  Saturday night we ate a lot of pizza from local Italian restaurant Trullis, put on some music and drank wine in our trackies until we drifted off to sleep. (big night!)

We were long overdue for us all to get together and it was just what we needed after a few stressful months!

HIGHLY recommend Tessys Run on Nerrena road.  Click here if you would like to check it out!

Things to check out in Meeniyan if you’re in the area

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