Our Top Picks For Waterproof Shoes to Wear When Travelling

Our Top Picks For Waterproof Shoes to Wear When Travelling

When getting ready to go on a trip, everyone knows the importance of packing with function and versatility in mind. You find yourself asking…

‘That dress may be perfect for the weather, but can I wear it dressed up and down?’

‘How many different outfits can I make with this shirt and shorts combo?’

And when it comes to shoes, this truth is even more pertinent; it doesn’t matter if you’re flying, driving, or walking, when you’re travelling, you want your shoes to be functional, comfortable, and, of course, versatile!

Why You Need Travel-Tested Shoes

Shoes are probably the most important piece of clothing you will pack for a trip. Your shoes determine your comfort, mobility, and sometimes even safety while travelling.

They can impact how much you enjoy exploring new places and experiencing different activities.

After all, when you are travelling, you’ll want to get out and about. So you need to be sure that your shoes are comfortable and ready for your upcoming adventures.

If you’re not sure which shoes you need on your next holiday, read on!

On The Plane: Billie Clogs

If you’re flying, slip-on shoes are ideal.

You can pop them on and off for security gates, and slip them off and on as needed on the plane. Plus you don't have to deal with any laces, which is always a win!

For cloud nine comfort, we love our Billie Clogs. They’re not only comfortable and easy to slip on and off because they are open in the back, but they’re an understated shoe you can dress up and down once you’re on the ground!

On The Ground: Bobbi Boots

Depending on your destination, you may have packed some rain boots if the weather is looking questionable.

Most rain boots are bulky and obviously look like rain gear, so you’d find it difficult to style for other conditions on your trip.

That’s where our Bobbi Boot comes in!

Our Bobbi Boot is a versatile gumboot that perfectly blends fashion with the everyday. It’s 100% waterproof, ideal for tromping through puddles as you sightsee, and is also incredibly comfortable for all your walking tours, with its built-in arch support and removable insoles (that can be replaced with orthotics!).

If you end up on muddy or snowy terrain, no worries. The Bobbi has a cushy neoprene lining and will keep your toes warm in sub-zero temperatures. Its rubber exterior is super easy to wipe off and keep clean while on the road.

Because the Bobbi Boot is so versatile, you don’t have to lug around a change of footwear if you’re going to be out all day and can’t get back to the hotel to change.

Our Boots Are Built For All Adventures

Who doesn't love a travel buddy who's up for any adventure?

Merry People shoes are perfect for all kinds of adventures, from a full day touring museums or a walk through a national park filled with wildlife, to a night out on the town with friends.

They are easy to pack, go with all kinds of outfits, and have the support and grip to keep you going when you end up on unexpected terrain.

Pick out your favourite colour, and take a pair (or two) on your next holiday!

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