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Changing Careers: Merry People's Danielle Holloway From banker to fashion designer, Holloway reveals how she draws from her corporate life in her new role selling designer gumboots.   A few year...

Australian Traveller | 08 July 2017 - Merry People US

Australian Traveller | 08 July 2017

Travel Buzz: all the trends you need to know Enjoy a little creature comfort as we settle into the colder months. Taste it, wear it, even spritz it; float your cares away or simply fly away.   See...

Broadsheet | 08 July 2014 - Merry People US

Broadsheet | 08 July 2014

Mucking About With Merry People. Snug and sophisticated gumboots that will let nothing rain on your parade. With Splendour in the Grass in sight and a spontaneous camping trip always on the cards...

Fashion Journal | 09 June 2016 - Merry People US

Fashion Journal | 09 June 2016

Merry People has just launched a line of super nice raincoats. Merry People has totally got our backs this winter. Already, the rainwear label has provided us with a collection of slick gumboots t...

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Drown the Noise with Andrea Lynett | 20 June 2017 - Merry People US
Why We Never Go On Sale - Merry People US

Why We Never Go On Sale

AT MERRY PEOPLE, WE NEVER GO ON SALE Click Frenzy! Single’s Day! Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Etc, etc, etc!It’s the exhausting time of year again where your inbox fills with sale offers, ads in you...