Do You Need Boots for Landscaping? (Plus, What Features to Look for!)

Do You Need Boots for Landscaping? (Plus, What Features to Look for!)

When it comes time to get out into the garden again, you might be inclined to head straight for the closest old pair of sneakers you can find. While it’s good to wear something you don’t mind getting a bit dirty, in order to get the most out of your gardening gear, have a think about the landscaping work you do and what you need your shoes to do for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional landscaper, or a weekend warrior who loves to spend time tending to your gardens and lawn, a good pair of rain boots are an essential part of your outdoor gear that will keep you happy (and your feet dry!) while digging around in the dirt.

The Need For Landscaping Boots

Landscaping can be physically demanding – long days spent out in the sun and the rain rain, bent down working on your latest propagation project. In order to put your best (and comfiest) foot forward, you’ll want to find footwear that you can comfortably wear for long hours in the sun, as well as boots that can hold up in cold, rainy weather.

It’s important to find a quality pair of boots that can stand up to the challenges of working outside and still keep your feet dry, comfortable, and protected from wild blackberry bushes, or rakes!

Features To Look For In A Pair of Gardening Boots

You want your landscaping boots to be tough, comfortable, and able to protect your feet. Here are some key features to look for when shopping around for your next pair of gardening boots:

  • Good grip: Spending time in the yard sometimes means working in mud, on rocky surfaces, and in areas slick with water. You want your boots to have an anti-slip surface on the outer sole that helps prevent you from taking a tumble.
  • Durability: You want boots made with quality materials so they stand up to tough conditions, and don’t wear out easily. A solid pair of boots will also keep your feet protected from bugs and other garden critters.
  • Waterproof: With rubber rain boots, your feet will stay dry and warm, regardless of the weather. Rubber is 100% waterproof, which is why all our boots are made with this durable and functional material.
  • Comfort: A soft lining, like the neoprene lining in our Bobbi Boots, will keep your feet cushioned and comfortable. Plus, all our rain boots have inbuilt arch support, and removable inner soles in case you need more customized support.
  • Warmth: Look for insulation in your boots, which helps your feet stay warm. All our rain boots are lined with neoprene, which is an insulating, waterproof material.

Choose Merry People For The Garden

Our rain boots are perfect for gardening and landscaping work – not only because we have a big range of green boots, ideal for the green thumb! – but also because they are as functional as they are fun. Colorful, comfortable and created for purpose.

All our rain boots are 100% waterproof, from the sole to the top of the boot. That means mud, rain or spray from your hose won’t be getting through to your feet! Plus, with inbuilt arch support you’ll be comfortable as ever as you propagate, prune or plant. Find your new favorite gardening buddy from our wide range of ankle, mid-calf and tall rain boots.

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