What Shoes Are Good for Working in a Restaurant?

What Shoes Are Good for Working in a Restaurant?

What’s cooking in the kitchen? Comfy footwear, of course!

Many people who work as chefs, servers, hostesses, or bartenders, turn to rubber clogs or rubber ankle boots as their go-to footwear for working in a restaurant because they are comfortable (even after long hours on your feet), slip-resistant, waterproof, and easy to take on and off.

What Is A Clog?

Simply put, clogs are shoes with sturdy soles and covered tops that are open in the back. Clogs were hugely popular in the 1970s and have made a fashion comeback in more recent years, and they have always been a popular choice for professionals who need comfortable support for their feet.

While the Dutch are largely credited with introducing the wooden clog, protective wooden footwear has been used in many corners of the world for centuries by farmers, factory workers, and miners. Today, clogs are both a fashion statement and a functional foot option for restaurant workers, healthcare professionals, and others who spend long hours standing and walking about.

The Versatility of Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are much more than just rain boots. The Bobbi boot from Merry People is one of our best sellers and offers the same level of comfort and functionality as a clog–but with a sleeker, more fashionable style that’s easy to dress down while working in a restaurant or dress up as you head out for a night with friends straight from your shift.

Why These Shoes for Restaurants?

Restaurant work means long hours moving through kitchens where water and grease can spill on tiled or concrete floors. Not only is this a situation ripe for a slip and fall, but standing on these unforgiving surfaces can cause fatigue and wreak havoc with your back, feet, and knees if you’re not wearing the right shoes.
A quality pair of Billie Clogs or Bobbie ankle boots from Merry People offers many benefits for those who working the restaurant business, including:

  • Amazing comfort: Arch support and cushioned insoles will keep the pressure and weight on the foot more balanced and help prevent soreness or more painful ailments such as tendonitis and bunions.
  • Slip-resistance: Deep textures on the bottom of these shoes provide added grip on many surfaces. That said, restaurant floors can be slippery, and you still need to be careful moving around kitchens and serving areas. You don’t want a server to slip while carrying plates or pots of hot food and liquids. This could easily result in a serious sprain, broken bone, or other serious injury.
  • Waterproof: Spills and dropped objects are common in restaurants. You want the material of the clog to be strong enough to protect your feet but also made of a material that can be cleaned easily.
  • Easy to wear and take off: With clogs and ankle boots, you don’t have to worry about tripping on laces if they come undone. They are also easy to slip on and off during breaks.

If you work in a restaurant, logging your daily 10,000 steps during work hours is not unheard of. With that kind of mileage, you need a brand like Merry People that takes pride in its products. Our clogs and boots are designed to fit well, provide arch support, and be slip-resistant and shock-absorbent to get you through your workday (and perhaps a social event on the way home).

Tips for Buying a Good Pair of Restaurant Shoes

When trying on your shoes, do so at the end of a shift when your feet are already sore and cranky. If they are comfortable under these circumstances, chances are that they will keep your feet feeling great while working, too.

Our Billie Clogs and Bobbi Boots come in a variety of colours and can double as shoes to wear when travelling. You can go bold and let your personality shine through or choose a neutral shade that matches your restaurant uniform.

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