Ways to Wear and Style Your Ankle Rain Boots

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How to Style Your Rain Boots

Not just for rainy days, wear your wellies year-round!

When it's raining, there is nothing better than a cute pair of rain boots to keep you warm and dry.  But what about when it is not raining? Don't just relegate your wellies to the back of the closet - make them a year-round closet staple to take you wherever you need to go!

To help, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite occasions and ways to style our boots to inspire you to grab them next time you're getting dressed. Happy fashion times!  


Yearning for Coachella? Bring festival fashion into your every day with a high-style blend of boho and practical.  Try mixing high and low by pairing a formal dress with a rugged jacket and hat to nail that festival look.  

blue boots and a red dress

Fact: festival fashion is more fun with your bestie. Pair your wellies with skinny jeans or a frayed mini for a day of laughs. 

people walking in the park wearing merry boots

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Like skirts but prefer a more polished look? Why not try a slim-fitting sweater, stockings, and a mini skirt for transeasonal appeal.  



Rain or shine, leave the old sneakers behind and grab your rain boots to get you through the weekend. For colder climes, just add some skinny jeans and a comfy sweater and you are good to go. 

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 Exploring during summer: add shorts and a large hat and you are ready. No need to worry about wet or dirty feet! 

people walking in the sandy park

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Like to keep it simple or are you working on a curated cloest of timeless, versatile pieces that all complement each other? Merry People gumboots are the perfect final piece to carry you through the year. Point in case:


yellow boots beside a camping tent




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Stay Merry everyone! xx

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