working from home

9 Tips For Working From Home

9 Tips For Working For Home Easy hacks to make a new routine According to U.S. Census data (2017), 5.2% of Americans regularly worked from home, and most people would work from home at some poin...

LifestyleStaying Connected - Merry People US

Staying Connected

Staying Connected Tips for fostering connection & community  At Merry People, we believe in making people feel happiness and a sense of adventure. But how do you find that sense of adventu...

LifestyleExploring Sassafras, Australia - Merry People US

Exploring Sassafras, Australia

Over a long weekend away, Emma and I drove out of town to the windy hills and towering trees of Sassafras. Only 1 hour from Melbourne we stayed at the understatedly elegant yet modern Whitelodge Re...

LifestyleOur 5 Tips to get your Merry Back! - Merry People US

Come adventure with us

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LifestyleOur Merry Weekend Away - Merry People US

Our Merry Weekend Away

Wow... we have had one busy Winter at Merry People! So last week we thought it was about time to get out of town with our friends to do some exploring and have some fun.  

Why We Never Go On Sale - Merry People US

Why We Never Go On Sale

AT MERRY PEOPLE, WE NEVER GO ON SALE Click Frenzy! Single’s Day! Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Etc, etc, etc!It’s the exhausting time of year again where your inbox fills with sale offers, ads in you...