Our Team’s Favorite Merry Moments In Fall
Merry Team

Our Team’s Favorite Merry Moments In Fall

Falling leaves, light layers, cool days, oh my! With the change of season coming in for our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, we asked our marketing team here in Melbourne what merry moments they...

Merry CommunityCelebrating Pride at Merry People

Celebrating Pride at Merry People

  At Merry People, we proudly stand as allies of the LGBTQIA+ community. Here in Australia we celebrate Pride Month during February, where across the country we hold Pride celebrations. The biggest...

Merry TeamInternational Women's Day Q&A with Dani

International Women's Day Q&A with Dani

  What was a defining merry moment from when you first started Merry People? "So I've had many defining moments, but one that comes to mind is probably getting my first stockist." Hey there, my...

Merry TeamHappy Mother's Day with the Moms of Merry People! - Merry People US

Happy Mother's Day with the Moms of Merry People!

A Merry Mother’s Day!   Here at Merry People, we love gumboots. But one thing we love more than rain boots is our moms (or mums as we say Down Under!) So this year to celebrate Mothers Day (beside...

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Merry TeamOur Experience with Digital Trade Shows - Merry People US

Our Experience with Digital Trade Shows

B2B Development & Our Experience With Digital Trade Shows In December 2019, Merry People launched in the U.S!! It was a big step for us crossing the Pacific, but one we are excited to make. Co...

Merry TeamDiversity at Merry People - Merry People US

Diversity at Merry People

A Note from our Founder   As for many businesses, the growing BLM and Pull Up For Change movements have prompted long internal discussions on who we are, what we are doing, and is it enough? As a b...

Merry TeamAsk Away | June 2020 - Merry People US

Ask Away | June 2020

Ask Away: Instagram Q&A with Dani | June 2020 Recently, Dani hosted a Q&A on Instagram Stories to chat all things Merry People - new colors? New products? Advice for starting at markets? Wh...

Merry TeamTim, working from home

Meet the Merry Team

Meet the Merry Team - the WFH Edition We are now heading into week twelve of working from home! To commemorate this time, we have asked our team for a bit of “then and now”, going behind the scenes...

Merry TeamIntroducing the Moms of Merry People! - Merry People US

Introducing the Moms of Merry People!

Introducing the Moms of Merry People! Mother’s Day Loving   Behind the team at Merry People are five amazing moms that taught us the values of adventure, kindness, happiness, and authenticity.  Th...

LifestyleExploring Sassafras, Australia - Merry People US

Exploring Sassafras, Australia

Over a long weekend away, Emma and I drove out of town to the windy hills and towering trees of Sassafras. Only 1 hour from Melbourne we stayed at the understatedly elegant yet modern Whitelodge Re...

Why We Never Go On Sale - Merry People US

Why We Never Go On Sale

AT MERRY PEOPLE, WE NEVER GO ON SALE Click Frenzy! Single’s Day! Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Etc, etc, etc!It’s the exhausting time of year again where your inbox fills with sale offers, ads in you...