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The Bobbi Boots for Men

The Bobbi Boots for Men

Men & Bobbi Boots

Did you know that our bestselling Bobbi boots are unisex? We’ve been asked often over the years if they can be worn by men, and the answer is a definite YES. We recently updated our Size Chart to make it more inclusive, and our Bobbi boots currently fit up to a men’s size 11 (28.7cm).  

From working on a farm to strolling through the city to global adventures, keep scrolling to see the ways and places men have worn our Bobbi boots! 


Ben from Quamby Farms working hard in his Bobbi Alpine!


Xavier @oddsockssociety exploring Iceland in his Bobbi Black.

Xavier in Iceland in his Merry People boots 


Dani and her boyfriend Nick, the co-founder of streetwear label HoMie Melbourne, celebrating their new home in their Bobbi blacks!


Tim’s bike adventures with Bobbi Black and Bobbi Mustard

Tim's motorbike adventures

… and celebrating the arrival of the weekend with his Bobbi Alpine and our Merry People x BLUNT umbrella!

(Want to know more about our limited BLUNT umbrella or snag your own? It is currently shipping from Australia, so just send us an email at support@merrypeople.com)

Tim and BLUNT umbrella


Stay Merry everyone! xx