Darcy Mid Calf Rain Boot

After receiving many customer requests, we are very excited to introduce the latest edition to our Merry People family - the Darcy mid-calf rain boot. 

We wanted to create a boot that was a step up from our Bobbi rain boot, with increased height coverage, increased functionality for wet and muddy conditions, suitability for different calf sizes - whilst also maintaining versatility so that you can wear from morning to night, city to country as an everyday fashion mid cut boot!

Merry People rain boots for women and men don't just look great; they are packed with design details and performance precision that makes them a smart choice for all your daily adventures!

Like our best-selling Bobbi rain boots, we developed our exclusive Darcy mid calf boots to provide the premium 100% waterproof protection required from technical wellies, with added features such as built-in arch support and removable insoles making them the ideal rain boots that women or men can wear all day with comfort and ease.

Each pair of Darcy mid calf rain boots we stock is cruelty-free and made from 100% vegan friendly natural rubber. The interior is lined with 4mm of flexible neoprene. This added feature ensures your stylish mid length rubber boots slide on and off easily as well as provide some extra cushion and support.

To help you keep a firm grip on the ground, the rubber provides an advanced enhanced traction sole. These have been tested by internationally recognised firm Intertek to align with our commitment to provide the best quality rain boots around for all your lifestyle needs.

Check out our boots size chart guide to select the perfect mid calf rain boots that deliver outstanding enhanced traction, even through the stickiest bogs and soggiest ground, with a quality fit that will keep both women and mens feet warm and dry.
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We understand that if you live an outdoor lifestyle or regularly head into the wilderness with your boys and girls, you're going to need to find the best rain boots in a range of size options!

Our rain boot size catalogue is extensive, offering sizes from 5 to 12 US (EU 36 - 43) in our women and 4 to 11 in men's US sizes (36 - 43 EU size) To keep your boys and girls safe and dry, we also produce our popular Bobbi Kids Gumboots in sizes US 5 (age 1.5) to US 4 (12) (20 - 34 EU size).

The Darcy mid calf rain boots are no exception to our commitment to performance and making life easier for busy women and men, and we are delighted to offer a broad range of sizes for our high-performance rain boots, each of which is crafted to the perfect mid calf height for optimal protection and style.

Keep scrolling to see some of the thousands of customer reviews for our gumboots and learn first-hand the advantage of choosing advanced rubber boots for daily life, casual hikes, or outdoor work. Rated for sub-freezing temperatures, our Darcy mid calf boots will keep you warm and dry in the most challenging environments - from the swamps and bogs, to the city and the suburbs.
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Foot health isn't something to be taken lightly! Our design team blends a passion for style with a love of getting outside. Choosing an excellent pair of rain boots won't just ensure you're kitted out with the right size equipment for daily adventures but it's also the best way to add crucial protection against the elements and keep your feet happy and healthy.

Every feature we add to our rubber boots is selected to meet our design criteria:
  • Boots made from quality materials that won't let you down.
  • Size options available for women and men.
  • Naturally sourced rubber that is 100% vegan friendly.
  • 100% waterproof to defend against all weather conditions.
  • Built in arch support plus removable insoles to allow for custom fit orthotics, wider feet, and bunions.
Ultimately, a great pair of rubber boots that rise to calf height is critical for women and men who need to ensure their feet are safe and dry from the elements! Add it to your shoe collection today, we're certain our boots will become your favorite pair of rain boots!
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